Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year, Old Food

This week left us with a lot of leftovers to work through. Jen dutifully got to work the other day making a number of different soups.

For today's lunch we had the most successful of the soups, a chicken tortilla soup. I declared it one of the three tastiest bowls of soup I have ever had. When challenged to name the other two I could not. So let's just say that this was the best bowl of soup that has ever happened to me.

Jen also grumbled here way through a good round of dumpling-making. Just enough time had passed since the last time she made dumplings for her to forget how much she hates making dumplings. The last time she made dumplings was on a snowy Valentine's Day weekend in 2003 when she was living on 34th Street and I had come to visit and got stranded in New York. This batch was even better than the the 2003 vintage. I can't wait until 2017. We're going to have some amazing dumplings then.

During the 2003 blizzard we were also working our way through ingredients in the fridge and it culminated in a meal of odds-and-ends quesadillas. Tonight, unaware of the growing 2003-connection, used a similar tactic to turn the leftovers in the fridge into quesadillas. Tortillas form the soup, roasted butternut from the cod a few nights back, fontina cheese (which I'd purchased for some screwball dish I was going to make this weekend but never got around to), cilantro, tomato, avocado, lime, and sour cream made up the dish.

As a dessert we finally removed our Christmas tree which resulted in this catastrophe you see before you.

You may be thinking, "Nate, when did you have lunch? I thought you were supposed to be vegan until 8!"

Well, dummy, it's Sunday! Vegans are allowed to eat meat on Sundays!

Don't you know anything about alternative diets?


uberlours said...

The soup looked wunderbar. Recipe? Please!

caolan said...

Yeah, I was just going to say the soup is one of the most beautifully photographed food items on this blog! It looks delicious.

Jen said...

It's a particularly good photo! Recipe is adapted from one I copied out on yellow paper, so Dad, you may already have this:

1) Saute onion and garlic until soft.
2) Add 1 tsp ground cumin, cook.
3) Add 1 diced jalapeno, cubed sweet potato, cook briefly.
4) Add turkey or chicken stock, bring to boil.
5) Season and chop 2 chicken breasts (I used salt, pepper, chilli powder, more cumin and cinnamon). Add to soup.
6) Add corn, spinach if desired.
7) Let simmer 15 minutes, add lime juice to taste.
8) Serve with any or all of following: Baked tortilla strips, sour cream, avocado, chopped tomatoes, grated cheddar