Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Super Bowl . . . of Chili!

Just when we thought Jen was out of the woods, she acquired the terrible stomach virus that we have all gotten. She was the last soldier to fall but, thankfully, had mostly recovered before her annual work trip to Salt Lake City. This left me alone with the two sort-of sick guys, but luckily they were just well enough to be granted acceptance into day care so that I could go about my work life.

Early Morning Lego Time

Jen's flight got cancelled because of another horrible wind and ice storm which left me with the guys for an extra day which began promptly at 5:30 AM with some pre-sunrise block-building activities.

Morning Drawing Session

We also drew with crayons and played with numerous other toys before the sun had fully risen and well before most sane people would have woken up.

Outdoor Expedition

Later in the day we grumpily explored the backyard in our snow gear.

Slightly Reluctant Sledding

Then they reluctantly allowed me to pull them along on their sled.

Elliott Sitting on Guitar Case with Lego Brick

They've taken a great interest in my guitar. This means they point at it and demand I remove it from its case. Then, for some reason, Martin tries to remove my pick from my fingers and when he does, takes it over to the garbage saying, "Yuck! Yuck!" The obvious reason is that he finds my guitar playing to be lackluster and he wouldn't be incorrect in asserting that judgment. However, I don't think that's it. For some deranged, toddler-mind reason, he feels that a guitar pick is just a yucky item. He's even converted Elliott to his way of thinking.

We think that Grandad has played them so many Mark Knopfler videos that they just feel that a pick is nothing more than a crutch.

Bell's Hopslam (2014 Release)

The day Jen was supposed to arrive home I managed to get my hands on some Bell's Hopslam.

Bell's Hopslam (2014 Release)

It involved showing up to the liquor store at 5pm, waiting around with a small gaggle of other insufferable beer enthusiasts, and then grabbing two six-packs off the table they were clumsily put onto.

The hunt was worth it as this was one of the best beers I've had in a long, long time.

Two Suns in the Freezing Cold

We had our second Polar Vortex event of the season with temperatures around -20 degrees. On one approach to work during these temperatures I was confused as to why we seemed to have two suns all of a sudden. The temperature and scenery looked like Hoth, yet the sky looked like Tatooine.

Apparently this is something that happens because of science. This article explains that this was actually a parhelion which happens when it's extremely cold and the sun reflects off of ice particles in the atmosphere.

On Thursday, Jen was a little late, so I got the guys bathed and we played a rubber animal guessing game which they totally nailed!

Sweet and Sour Pork

Shanghai Broccoli

This past Friday was Chinese New Year and, despite all odds, I was able to throw together a quick Chinese New Year dinner of sweet and sour pork and Shanghai broccoli. We did this all while babysitting cousin Evelyn and getting our two rambunctious lunatic children to bed.

Before Lauren and Doug left for dinner they allowed Martin to feed Evelyn her avocado which is now his favorite activity.

Martin Feeding Evelyn Avocado

Though he may need a little work with his accuracy.

High West Whiskey Campfire

I celebrated this success with a class of this Campfire whiskey Jen brought me back from Utah. It's another bottle for my growing whiskey and bourbon collection which I will undoubtedly have to pass down to the boys some day.

Uncle Scott Drum Lessons

On Sunday Uncle Scott came to visit after playing a show in Chicago. He treated the boys to a personal drum clinic followed by lessons on their new drum set.

Mostly this was a lesson in how to look like a drummer. While Elliott is technically the better drummer Martin won some style points at the end.

The Great Divide Colette

Denver Green Chili

In keeping with the Super Bowl tradition of last year I served beer from Colorado and made Denver green chili to celebrate one of the Sports Ball teams that was playing.

Red Hook ESB

Seattle Style Hot Dogs

I then served beer from Seattle and made Seattle style hot dogs to celebrate the other Sports Ball team.

We then proceeded to sort of pay attention to the game. I complained about how dumb halftime shows are, we were all underwhelmed by the commercials, and I accurately predicted the bigoted and racist backlash against the Coca-Cola commercial where "God Bless America" was sung in different languages.

God bless America, indeed!

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