Friday, August 9, 2013

Stupid Dad Recap!

Time marches on. The Wombats get more mobile. They also have become much more fussy and difficult to put to bed.

Jen en Route to Salt Lake City

Jen flew home from Salt Lake City late Friday night.

Elliott FaceTime with Mummy

We kept in touch via FaceTime. Martin took to going to sleep very early so Elliott was normally flying solo.

Daddy Home From Work with the Bubses

Jen spent all day with the guys on Saturday and I returned home from work to find them all playing in the yard, a nice distraction for babies who were slowly losing their minds indoors.

Elliott at Park with Ball

Martin at Park with Ball

On Sunday we took a monstrous walk all over town. We took a pause at the park where we met another baby born just five days after the Wombats. He was running around like a wild man. The fact that he could walk was good because it made it harder for Elliott to smack him on the head, his favorite activity when meeting another baby.

Martin Asleep with Sleep Sheep

The boys have taken to sleeping with their Sleep Sheep which they haven't had in their cribs since they were five or six years old. We broke them out as we were trying any trick possible to get them to bed. Most nights when Jen was away, and after she got back, have ended with long walks around the neighborhood to get them to settle down. This has generally been unsuccessful.

Martin with Sippy Cup

Elliott with Sippy Cup

They're getting better at sippy cups.

Bubses in the Dishwasher

They are fascinated with the dishwasher.

Sleepy Bubses After Day Care

They've had deceptive early evening naps after day care, only to end in a huge fight before bed.

Watching the Cars

They've discovered the joys of watching cars out the window, a great way to entertain them while I get their bath ready.

At the Doctor Watching TV

We took them to the doctor this morning for their annual shots which they could not get a few weeks ago thanks to having croup.

Elliott After Shots

This was the worst round of shots yet.

After Shot Bottles

Smartly I had made up some bottles before the appointment to distract them after getting their shots.

Martin Getting Blood Drawn

I thought it was all over but I had to take them to the lab for blood work after their shots. Martin was extremely brave and let out only a little whimper as the needle went in. After that he sat very patiently until it was all over.

Elliott Getting Blood Drawn

Elliott took it a little worse but was still did very well.

Martin Makes Friend

Both of them made friends with the three nurses there. Martin was particularly fond of his new friend at the doctor's office.

Toys for After Shots

They got a squeaky duck and frog as gifts from the nurses which, despite their expressions in this photo, they really loved. They didn't stop squeaking them the whole trip to day care.

After Shot Sticker

The nurses who drew the blood also gave them stickers for a movie that they haven't seen yet but I imagine one day will dominate our living room morning, noon, and night.

2013 Stone Ledge Farm Share (Week 9)

On Monday we got carrots, Walla Walla onions, summer savory, oriental eggplant, genovese basil, tomatoes, sun gold cherry tomatoes, white Russian kale, and boothby blonde cucumbers.

Anchor Brewing California Lager Victory Brewing Hop Devil

Weyerbacher Double SimcoeWeyerbacher Sixteen

We had some nice beers this week.

Grilled Eggplant Tian

I grilled up a bunch of the eggplant we had from the farm along with some of the roma tomatoes, potato, and spinach for this tian.

Heirloom Tomato and Avocado Salad with Mozzarella, Red Onion, and Summer Savory

I made a nice heirloom tomato salad with red onion, avocado, mozzarella, and summer savory.

Bacon, Tomato, and Avocado Sandwich with Garlic Chive Goat Cheese

Last night, we had some bacon sandwiches on sourdough with farm tomatoes, avocado, and the garlic chive chevre from the farm. They were outrageously good.

I leave for Chicago this weekend for work, then back to work for a day, then off to Rhode Island for the family wedding of the decade!

I don't actually have any work to do in Chicago I just figured Jen owes me for all the single-parent time I've had recently. The sad truth is that everyone treats me like I'm some sort of superhero for having done. What I did was take care of my own children. Jen will get no such admiration as she is expected to do this sort of thing as a mother. I'm just a dad.

A stupid, stupid dad.

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