Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two Spoons

The first day back in New York was an action packed extravaganza of unpacking, tidying, and getting ready to return to our normal life. This meant 400% less help with wrangling fussy, teething Wombats.

Elliott apparently had a very bad day at day care but you wouldn't have been able to tell during our night time dining and drum circle. Martin learned how to drum one hand at a time while Elliott clapped along and waved at the counter. I set them up in the kitchen to feed them while I got dinner together.

Bronx Brewery Bronx Pale Ale

I got some Bronx Pale Ale from The Bronx Brewery and enjoyed a small half-glass while preparing dinner. Why only half a glass?

Bronx Pale Ale Beer Can Chicken

Because I used the other half to make this beer can chicken. The glass was half full just like this chicken's butt.

Wombats in the Kitchen

Tonight I set them up in the kitchen again where we had a slightly less successful event at our makeshift chef's table. They enjoyed grabbing spoons and waving them about as I worked. Teething, it seems, has gotten the best of both of them.

"Where's Pete?"

Martin, between coughing fits, was feeling good enough to drop his peanut butter toast on the floor. He just seemed to be wondering where Pete was to come eat it up.

Chicken Couscous with Yogurt and Scallions

I managed enough time between bubs wrangling to make this couscous with onion, carrot, celery, potato, raisins, leftover chicken from last night, Sambar spice blend, green onion, a dollop of yogurt and a drizzle of olive oil.

Brasseurs du Monde L'assoiffe 10 Tripel

For beer I had a late celebration of the Wombats' ten month birthday with this L'assoiffe 10 tripel from Brasseurs du Monde, another find from our Quebec trip. It was the best of the group thus far, beating out the 6 and 8 with less of the harsh minerality I found in those two beers.

The boys had a rough night getting to sleep but eventually, after much coaxing and shushing they eventually passed out. This left me to my new cleaning method. Basically I just run the dishwasher every night no matter how full it is. It's not the most environmentally friendly method but it sure beats hand washing everything every night. I just need to deal with the guilt of running the dishwasher even if there are just two spoons in it but that's just a wild fantasy of mine.

There are never just two spoons.

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