Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Lead Up

This week has been a bit of a challenge. With the guys swapping sick days and day care not allowing them in it's made for an interesting lead up to our soon-to-be first plane trip/vacation with the Wombats.

The whole family stayed home sick on Monday with a doctor's appointment revealing a nasty cold for Martin and an ear infection for Elliott. I was terrified of giving Elliott amoxicillin after his last bout it but, thankfully, this time it did not seem to have the same messy side effects, particularly after mixing it up with yogurt. He actually looked forward to his twice daily doses.

Shrimp with Spinach and Avocado

I made the Wombats a dinner of shrimp with spinach, avocado, and brown rice. The shrimp is still a bit touch for them as they both only have two available teeth to chew with. I spent much of the dinner picking out unchewed pieces of shrimp from their mouths.

Chicken Soup

I made chicken soup for Jen Monday night with things we happened to have lying around: garlic, onion, fennel, celery, carrot, chicken breast, pasta rings, herbs, and chicken stock from the freezer.

Le Grimoire Goliath

When I'm sick I like to have a little brandy. I was feeling a bit of the normal low grade sore throat and cold we've had pretty much since they started day care. Instead of brandy itself I decided to have this beer called Goliath from Le Grimoire Microbrasserie, another find from our recent Quebec trip. This beer is brewed with cognac. It was an interesting experiment but I'm not sure if I'd rush back for a second shot at it. I appreciate the risks they took but sometimes when you take risks you miss the mark.

Le Trefle Noir Hurlevent

Afterward I had this Hurlevent from Le Trèfle Noir. This was a competently done Belgian-style dubbel and a nice follow up to the risky cognac-infused beer that preceded it.

Elliott Tackling the Learning Farm

I stayed home with Elliott on Tuesday as he was still not cleared for day care. Elliott spent a good amount of time trying to (and succeeding in) toppling his learning farm as he is the World's Strongest Baby.

Elliott is Sick of this Bib

He was also unaware that he was actually sick and was in high-energy mode trying to tear off his bib during meals.

Elliott on Swing

We also took a walk to the park where he delighted, once again, in the magic of the playground swing set.

Elliott Asleep After Walk

It was a piece of cake putting him down for a nap where he looked kind of like a drunken hobo.

Founders Doom

On Thursday I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a bottle of Doom from Founders Brewing Co. It was definitely one of the better beers I've had this year. It was extremely different in that it was barrel aged and had a beautiful tropical hop taste to it. I'm sad that I only had one bottle but, in my quest to taste every beer ever made, I must move on.

Martin in the Locker Room

Saturday started with swim class. Last week I brought Elliott into the locker room where he was exposed to a veritable cornucopia of male genitalia. This week it was Martin's turn and he enjoyed sitting on the floor wrapped in his towel while the nude older gentleman standing above him chatted about his grandkids.

Grandpa with Martin and the Tongue

Nana STIM and Grandpa came to visit in the afternoon and Martin was quick to show off his new favorite trick, sticking out his tongue. He stuck it out in the morning.

Martin and the Tongue with Nana STIM

He stuck it out in the evening.

Crazy Martin with Tongue

And he stuck it out in the afternoon.

We took a nice walk into town and hung out with the babies in the park. Elliott flirted with an older lady that walked by. Most ladies are older when compared to Elliott.

Lake Pacid Craft Brewing Hefeweizen

I displayed excellent parenting skills by drinking this hefeweizen by Hefeweizen from Lake Placid Craft Brewing while we ate our lunch in the park. I think technically this is against the law but I figured we'd probably be pretty safe from scrutiny by the police as I was with my wife, two babies, and my parents. Besides, I'd seen Natural Light cans amongst the trees in that park in the past so they'd at least have to give me points for selecting a higher quality beer.

Mint Juleps

After a long family nap, interspersed with packing, we did our annual tradition of drinking mint juleps and not watching the Kentucky Derby. This is an annual tradition because that's about how long it takes Jen to forget that she doesn't like mint juleps and request them again.

Nana STIM with Martin

Grandpa with the Bubses

My parents had a great day with the guys. Jen and I had a great day of doing the laundry and trying to get the house cleaned for our return trip home.

Pepperoni and Broccoli Rabe Pizza

Once the babies were asleep we had a very late dinner and I made these two pizzas with pepperoni, broccoli rabe, mozzarella, and ricotta. It was the most painless way I could find to feed us all while dirtying the fewest number of dishes and therefore keeping our travel plans mostly on track.

It has been a great week. Here's to hoping the next week and the babies' first plane flight goes a bit more smoothly. I can't wait to see our family so that they can help us with the babies and we can sleep and generally loaf around see how much the wombats have grown!

Wish us luck.

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