Friday, April 26, 2013

Something to Chew On

We continue to move through the large quantities of ice cube-sized bits of pureed food on the freezer by feeding them to the babies one at a time. The large batch we made a month ago is almost at an end. It's perfect timing as they begin to grow their appreciation for foods with a little more body to them.

Chicken with Acorn Squash, Broccoli, and Mozzarella Cheese

On Wednesday I made the guys some of the last of the pureed chicken (moving on to chopped chicken next) with acorn squash, broccoli, and chopped mozzarella cheese for dinner.

After getting a call from day care that they were completely out of formula I had to rush to pick them up a little early and get them home and fed before they both lost their minds.

Super Focused on Eating Dinner

I guess I could have taken my time since they were not exactly focused on eating.

Insane Martin Food Face

Martin, in particular, was more interested in laughing hysterically while holding all the food inside his mouth. I somehow missed the humor in this stunt.

Les Trois Mousquataires Serie Signature Hopfenweisse

After letting them monkey around for a bit I poured myself this Hopfenweisse from Microbrasserie Les Trois Mousquetaires, a hoppy version of a wheat beer which was quite refreshing.

Les Trois Mousquataires Serie Signature Hopfenweisse Back Label

My favorite thing about this beer was the level of detail on the back of the bottle. I really wish every beer had stats like this. It would make them more like baseball cards. They should put a dry, crumbly piece of bubblegum in every six-pack too!

Green Flash Brewing Company Grand Cru

Before bed I had something more Abbey-style with this Grand Cru from Green Flash Brewing Company. I think I picked this one up at least six months ago. Maybe longer. It held up very nice and was an enjoyable dark ale to put a monastic spin on the end of the evening.

Brasseurs du Hameau Le Gobelet Le Patriote Bierre Rousse

Last night, after picking up the babies, I poured this Le Patriote from Le Gobelet, on our recent trip to Quebec. I'm quickly working my way through the Quebec beers and I'm almost done with all the bottles that I do not intend to age. This was a very nice one, and I fear the last from the Le Gobelet private label line. I enjoyed their beers greatly, and it was extra fun drinking them from their stylish glass.

Perhaps the next time I am in Quebec there will be some new ones to try.

Chicken with Peas, Edamame, Ricotta, Multigrain Cereal, Milk, and Mozzarella

Last night I made the guys chicken with edamame, peas, ricotta, multigrain cereal, milk, and mozzarella. This went over a bit better but only, I suspect, because I picked them up at a much earlier hour.


While they ate we had this Explorateur cheese from France which features a cool 1920s style rocket ship on the label. I'd like to say I bought it for the cheese but I'm just a sucker for a Paleofuture-style rocket ship.

Grilled Flank Steak, Baked Potato, Grilled Spring Onions, Bell Peppers, and Salad

I was able to fire up the grill for dinner tonight. Well, I wasn't really able to. It's always a delicate dance each night. Do you put the babies to sleep before you eat? If so you are pretty much guaranteed a peaceful dinner time though a very late one.

Or do you put them to bed after you eat? This means an earlier dinner but a much more chaotic one and potentially a more difficult bedtime for the babies.

We gambled with the latter last night and Elliott made us pay.

Relic Brewing Co. Antiquity

As we had dinner afterward I opened this Antiquity from Relic Brewing in Connecticut, a gift from a co-worker. It was a dark, somewhat tart, ale with very little head and a lot of malty goodness.

Les Petite Rois

The guys gave us a relatively restful night's sleep. We only had to grant admittance to one baby at 4:00 AM, Elliott. Martin actually needed to be woken up to get ready for day care.

The guys don't like getting woken up. They look at you all annoyed, unable to comprehend how they are the last two people on Earth that should give us grief about waking them up. I do hate waking them but when I do it I feel very little regret. I think of it more as an act of pure justice.

What does Piaget say about when babies develop a sense of justice? I can't wait until that day.


Diane said...

Getting in the supply of Bud Light for your visit!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Diane! Your love for lousy beer and your encyclopedic knowledge of John Entwhistle songs is something of a surprise.

It's almost as if someone else is posting for you!

Diane said...

Yes. If it doesn't involve Piaget you know it wasn't posted by me!