Monday, April 22, 2013

Routine Visit

We have tried the babies on most of the major allergens so far. So far there have been no allergic reactions. They have successfully eaten milk, wheat, soy, eggs, fish, and tree nuts. As of yesterday only peanuts and shellfish remained.

Peanut Butter Toast

I made them a slice of toast which I spread some peanut butter on and we gave it a shot.

Elliott Eating Peanut Butter Toast

Martin with Peanut Butter Toast

They seemed to enjoy the peanut butter toast as much as they enjoy all other toasts which is to say that they enjoy tearing off pieces of it, mashing it with their gums, and occasionally forgetting they have a squashed piece of it in their grubby hands for a half and hour after they're done eating.

First String Beans

We also gave them their first taste of string beans.

Elliott Eating String Beans

Elliott was lukewarm about string beans.

Martin's Reaction to String Beans

Martin hated them and refused to eat a second bite. This is the face he made after the one bite he had before he felt a deep sense of betrayal with his parents for feeding it to him.

Martin "Liking" Mozzarella

To be fair this is the face he made when he ate mozzarella cheese a few minutes later. In that case he loved the snack. It is very hard to tell from the faces if you have ruined his day or if he's just being a little weirdo.

Elliott and Uncle Chris

Ariana and Martin

Later in the afternoon, after a second failed napping attempt, the guys got a visit from their Uncle Chris and Aunt Ariana. Martin, who has just begun being suspicious of strangers took a little while to stop being worried. Elliott warmed up a little more quickly. It's hard to be too upset about them becoming suspicious of strangers as that is probably a good natural instinct to have.

Ariana and Martin

However, when they are invited into your house by your parents and give you an awesome toy truck and horse-carrier, it is customary to be a little more forthcoming with the smiles.

Uncle Paul with Martin

Martin always warms up to Uncle Paul very quickly. I think it's because they share a similar sense of humor. Here's Martin telling Paul about a particularly comical event from his last Dungeons & Dragons session.

Chris Feeding Wombats

Later we tried to trick Martin into eating string beans by combining it with salmon and avocado, two foods he loves. He was not fooled. He was, however, a little annoyed.

Schneider Weisse Original

Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen

Steenbrugge Wit

We also enjoyed a series of wheat beers to try to ring in the grilling season even though it was a high of 50 degrees.

Wombat Story Time with Uncle Paul, Auntie Caolan, and Auntie Ariana

After an action-packed day for the guys they got a very special story time from a selection of appointed aunts and uncles.

Burger Banquet

And after a failed attempt to get them to bed we went ahead and had some various grilled burgers and hot dogs.

Elliott went to sleep with little fuss after that but it took us the next three hours to get Martin to go to sleep. We suspect it was a combination of the excitement and visitors of the day along with that he seems to be teething again. It took a lot of snuggling, rocking, feeding, Tylenol, and a lot of patience but eventually he passed out, likely from sheer exhaustion.

After getting him to bed we had no energy left for anything but to go to bed ourselves. It is always a gamble when we mess with their routine and last night we paid the price.

It should be very interesting when we take them on their first plane trip next month. By interesting I, of course, mean completely terrifying.

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