Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cider House Fools

I hate the mail. Every time I check the mail (which is about five or six times a year) I am disgusted and infuriated by the garbage that comes in. Jen has put the only key to the mailbox on her key ring and it hasn't bothered me at all. The less time I spend sifting through all the time-wasting annoyances that come in the mail the better. Every so often, however, something truly great comes in the mail. Recently I got a package from Frank, a friend of Jen's and reader of the blog, who sent us this nice bottle of home made cider which he describes as New England Farmhouse style.

Home Brewed New England Style Farmhouse Cider

I was really excited to try this and finally had an opportunity tonight to open it. It ended up being crisp and acidic and it reminded me of Granny Smith apples the most with a distinct taste of the apple skin. Very nicely done.

The last time I had cider was when we were last in France. We went out to eat and were deeply disappointed with our crepes. Jen ordered some sort of pork crepe that ended up having boar taint, a flavor that comes from pigs that have not been castrated. This is palatable to some in Europe but found basically foul and disgusting by North American palates. It was such a disappointing experience that I needed to take a nap and we later regrouped to go out for redemption crepes that were not disgusting while Jen washed them down with a Tequila flavored beer and I had green tea.

It's comforting to know that we were super lame even before we had kids.

Ham and Gruyere Crepe

Tonight we made crepes to accompany our cider with leftover Christmas ham from the freezer and shredded Gruyere.

First Edamame

The babies joined us at the dinner table and had their first taste of edamame.

Elliott's First Taste of Edamame

Martin's First Taste of Edamame

It had a mixed review.

Salad with Mozzarella, Grapefruit, Onion, Hearts of Palm, and Avocado

Jen also made a delicious salad with mozzarella, grapefruit, onion, hearts of palm, and avocado with vinaigrette.

It went well with an unconventional bedtime routine, doing dishes, making the babies' food for the following day, and cleaning up soggy bits of Baby Mum-Mums off the floor.

More cider may have made that last task a little more enjoyable.

Or apple vodka.

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