Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chicken: It's What's For Dinner (For Babies)

In case there weren't another reason to hate Daylight Savings time, today revealed another. We've worked very hard these last eight months to get these guys into a routine and the ancient ritual of turning our clocks forward an hour kind of ruined the babies' handle on the universe.

Being the experienced parents of twins this was nothing we couldn't handle.

First Chicken

Today we were scheduled to give the Wombats their first taste of meat so I chopped up some of the poached chicken breast and fed it to them.

Elliott's First Chicken

Daddy, and Martin, and Chicken

Despite the look on Elliott's face they were quite taken with their first taste of meat. After a few bites we mixed it together with butternut squash and a little multigrain cereal and they went nuts.

Wombat Bottle Race

After dinner Jen fed them their bottles and they got in their high chair eating stances. For some reason when they eat in their high chairs they like to lean forward like this as if it were some kind of race. I'm not sure why Martin bothers. No matter what position they are in Elliott always finishes his bottle in 25% the time it takes Martin to.

Martin likes the slow jams.

Turkey Burger with Spinach, Avocado, Onion, and Sour Cherry Mayonnaise on Naan with Sweet Potato Fries

For dinner I made turkey burgers with ground turkey breast, pepper, onion, green onion, Worchestershire sauce, mustard, salt, and pepper. I browned them in a pan and served them in toasted naan with sliced onion, spinach, avocado, and sour cherry mayonnaise. I also made sweet potato fries with Old Bay seasoning.

 À La Fût Mékinoise

For beer Jen had this Mékinoise from À La Fût. This was a fruity white ale that wasn't quite what I expected. It had a strong flavor of banana and cherry.

La Guele de Bois Duguay Triple

I had this Duguay Triple La Guele de Bois. I'm starting to detect a variation in the Quebec versions of Belgian style beers. They tend to have a bit more mineral flavor to them, a slight chalky finish, and a touch more hops.

Despite setting the clocks ahead the guys were extremely exhausted at their normal time (or, an hour earlier than they should have been). This worked out well as far as getting them on a schedule but by the time we'd wrestled them to bed we were about ready for bed ourselves.

Jen, in particular, deserves special praise after spending the past two days straight wrangling Wombats while I was at work. Even though we were both ready for bed we had to force ourselves to stay awake for at least an extra hour so that we could enjoy that peaceful time just before bed where we could watch a little TV and enjoy some quiet time.

Welcome to our action-packed lives.

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