Saturday, December 29, 2012

First Vegetables: That's One Sweet Potato

We had intended to serve the babies their first vegetables on Christmas day so they could have some "real food" while the grown ups ate. A friend advised against this as to avoid the possibility of spending Christmas evening in the hospital. While it was unlikely that they'd be allergic to something like, say carrots, we heeded this advice and waited until last night to feed the babies their first vegetables.

Cooking Sweet Potato for the Babies

I chopped and boiled some sweet potatoes that I mixed with a little breast milk and, voila, the babies' first real meal.

The Babies Mesmerised by TV Watching 'Elf'

The issue was that the babies were extremely restless and boiling sweet potatoes takes a bit longer than mixing up a bowl of multigrain cereal. This called for drastic measures and Jen made the game time decision to put on the television and play the movie Elf for the boys. We have not exposed them to a single minute of television in almost two months so the second the screen came on they both were quiet and completely mesmerised by the moving image of Will Ferrell in an elf costume.

After just a few minutes we were able to turn off the screen and feed the frantic, flailing Wombats who seemed to like it quite a bit.

They liked it almost, but not quite as much, as Oprah.

Martin's First Vegetable: Sweet Potato

Elliott's First Vegetable: Sweet Potato

After a messy love affair with their newest food we were able, after several tries and much cajoling, to get the Wombats to bed.

Ham and Parrano Sandwich

We didn't have much other than a ton of holiday leftovers for dinner. I made this sandwich which, despite its looks, was actually tiny on one of Jen's dinner rolls with leftover ham, Parrano, and mustard.

Two Roads Brewing Co. Worker's Comp Saison

For a drink I had another beer from Two Roads Brewing Co., this Worker's Comp Saison. Saison is one of my favorite styles. Much like the White IPA of the night before it seemed to me that it would have been better suited to the warmer months. At 4.8% ABV it's fairly low, easy to drink, and extremely refreshing.

This beer is actually difficult to get a hold of now since the brewery seems to have done some tremendous marketing so I'm just hoping I can get my hands on some of this next summer. This would be a great outdoor beer for barbecuing and Wombat-wrangling.

Let's just hope that by the time these guys are up and on their feet I still have a free hand available.

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