Sunday, December 30, 2012

An Indian Farewell

Yesterday Winter Storm Freyr tore through New York frightening motorists and nearly shutting down commerce as it dumped three whole inches of snow on our portion of the state. It ruined the lives of all who tried to seek out some semblance of normalcy through its harsh winds and toe-deep dunes of snow.

It also annoyed me with The Weather Channel's annoying insistence on naming the winter storms starting this year. They're really serious about this. They are not letting it go.

Martin's Sleeping Style

Elliott's Sleeping Style

The Wombats were not bothered by the beginnings of a snow storm. Instead they both exhibited their insane sleeping poses for a nice afternoon nap.

Elliott Holding His Own Bottle

After the nap a cranky Elliott woke up and gave me this snotty little look while Lauren fed him his bottle.

Tonight, we got the babies fed, put them to sleep, and ordered some Indian take out for Lauren's last night before returning home. She'd been dropping subtle hints about wanting Indian food since she got here, hints like: "So, hey, why don't we get some Indian food?"

Feeding Babies and Watching "Christmas in Connecticut"

Right after the food arrived the Wombats started screaming up so Jen and Lauren fed them while watching A Christmas in Connecticut to celebrate their birth state, and the fact that neither of them have swallowed a watch this Christmas.

So far.

Two Roads Brewing Co. Ol'Factory Pils

Since it's standard to have a crappy lager with Indian food I looked in my fridge but, wouldn't you know it, there was no crappy lager to be had. Instead I got this rather non-crappy Ol'Factory Pils from Two Roads Brewing Co., also in Connecticut, just like Christmas!

This pilsner was dry-hopped. I'm pretty sure it's the only dry-hopped pilsner I've ever had and it was very tasty. It may have also been the only very tasty pilsner I've ever had.

Sisters Eating Indian Food

After eating a celebratory Indian feast we settled down to watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and pretend that we were awake enough to enjoy the tiny sliver of time in the day we are able to get away with not looking after babies.

Now, let's just ignore the sink full of dishes and piles of dirty laundry.

Merry Christmas!

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