Monday, September 17, 2012

Poopsplosions™ & Soupsplosions™

Days off have been pretty eventful as of late. Today we had a lot on our agenda. Luckily having two babies leaves little time for sleep so there are a lot more waking hours to potentially get work done. Most of that time is not spent being able to get work done but instead is used for the care and feeding of babies.

Good morning II

Luckily there is also a good amount of time spent playing which reminds us about how great it is having babies.

After the poopsplosion

Then the unthinkable happened, another Poopsplosion™. This one came only minutes after we had finished bathing, drying, and dressing both babies in anticipation of a meeting with prospective nannies. There's a point during the Poopsplosion™ where one contemplates the possibility of cleaning a baby simply using wipes. Jen was going strong with this philosophy until I stepped in -- after hearing her howls of disgust from the other room -- and strongly lobbied for a hose down. I won and Elliott got his second bath of the morning.

Broccoli, Sunchoke, Cheddar, and Ale Soup

For dinner I made this soup using the broccoli from the farm. I rendered a little bacon, cooked down some onion, chopped up sunchokes, and broccoli stems. When it had cooked down I threw in the broccoli florets, some chicken stock, a little milk, and added in some shredded cheddar before pureeing it. It made for a very tasty soup but, unfortunately, not very photogenic soup.

River Horse Hop-A-Lot-Amus

I looked for something malty to serve with the soup but I didn't really have anything around so I opted for this Hop-A-Lot-Amus from River Horse Brewing Co. While hoppy it ended up being far maltier than expected and went better with the soup than expected. This beer was way better than it needed to be with a name like Hop-A-Lot-Amus. If I was running a brewery and I came up with a name that good I would totally half-ass the beer with cheap ingredients for maximum profits. Let's face it, with a name that good you're going to push a lot of product regardless of quality.

Chozen Coconut Macaroon Ice Cream

To wrap up the evening we had a little Coconut Macaroon ice cream from Chozen. It was tasty but not quite as good as the Chocolate Gelt flavor from last night. It matters little how good the ice cream was because a few episodes of Psych could make dirty dish water ice cream taste heavenly.

Sleeping Elliott

Sleeping Martin

Now it's just a waiting game. Last night, after waking every two hours to eat, they went over five hours in the evening pushing our bedtime past midnight. Now the clock is ticking as we watch these little angels strike their silly cute poses in their sleep. Only time will tell how long they sleep tonight and when the next round of feedings shall begin.

Game on!

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