Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Indian Food, India Pale Ale, and Indian Hockey

It's often hard to get good dinner suggestions from Jen, apart from "something yummy." She hasn't had much in the way of pregnancy cravings so far but every so often she has had them and it has made it a little easier to get some suggestions from her.

Tonight she decided she wanted Indian food. She wasn't very specific about what she wanted other than that she wanted the vegetables to be cut up "VERY SMALL." I suggested dime-sized and she suggested nickel-sized would be more appropriate. While I don't often consider that to be "VERY SMALL" I obeyed the request and put something together.

Vegetable Rogan Josh

I quickly cooked some onion, red pepper, zucchini, potato, and carrots in a little butter and oil. I don't believe in ghee. I added a sauce of tomato, coconut milk, tomato, salt, garlic, ginger, sugar, and turmeric. I simmered this until the vegetables were tender and at the end I added some Jersey asparagus.

Indian Dinner

I served it all with some rice topped with more of my mother's chives, samosas, naan, and mango chutney. The last three ingredients were all store bought but what do you want from me? I only had about twenty minutes to put this together. Cut me some slack! Geez!

Green Flash Brewing Company West Coast IPA

I didn't have any terrible Indian lager around so I opted to have this India Pale Ale from Green Flash Brewing Company. I felt it was thematically appropriate but also the bitterness complemented the surprisingly hot samosas quite nicely.

Also, Jen approved of the size of the vegetable cuts. I get to keep my job another day.

The NHL is a soulless, negligent, and corrupt organization that clearly shows nothing but contempt for its own fans. Therefore we had no options to watch tonight's game seven between the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals. I tried to give the NHL hundreds of dollars for their ripoff GameCenter to watch on the internet, however, they don't offer any nationally televised games on this service. Just in case you didn't know all the playoff games are nationally televised. That means if you were fool enough to order this service you get to watch nothing for the rest of the season.

caps bruins 1

We were left only with the option of watching the game at the local bar. Jen, being tired and pregnant, was not really a big fan of going out after a long day at work to sit on an uncomfortable chair in a bar to watch the hockey game. I'm not pregnant but I do have natural hermit tendencies so our only option was to do a Google search for "NHL" and continually refresh the page.

caps bruins 2

Oh no! Washington scored first!

caps bruins 3

We could also go the NHL website and look at a stupid graphic which shows you where all the shots and hits are happening on the ice. This was somehow even less stimulating that refreshing the Google search.

So we wound up the evening, our pockets full of money that we would gladly give in exchange to watch some hockey games, unable to do anything else but wait. This must have been what it was like to receive work about baseball games via telegraph in the 1880's.

Is it any wonder why no one watches hockey?


uberlours said...

saved you from watching the Bruins go down. You should be happy

Unknown said...

I wasn't expecting anything more from the boys in black and gold.