Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fettunta, Orecchiette, Dopplebock, and Other Words To Stump Your Spellchecker

Tonight I unexpectedly beat Jen home after a drive through the rain which slowed everyone down to such a point that it lead me to believe it wasn't water falling from the heavens but rather glue. Being that it was raining I found this a great opportunity to grill! I never miss an opportunity to grill in the rain.

Asapargus and Manchego Fettunta

I grilled up the leftover Jersey asparagus as well as some stale bread drizzled with olive oil. I rubbed the bread with a garlic clove, topped with the grilled asparagus, and crumbled some Manchego over the top. A chef friend recently reminded me of the brilliance of the fettunta so I did this in her honor. Also, I did it because it was delicious and it bought me some time to feed my hungry, tired, pregnant wife while I prepared the main course. Jen is now so tired by Thursday night it's all she can do to stay awake for dinner. I prefer this has to do with her pregnancy and not the lack of excitement in my cooking.

Orecchiette with Creamy Tomato Meat Sauce and Bella Lodi

For dinner I heated up the leftover beef tomato sauce and cream sauce from last week's moussaka, cooked some orecchiette, and tossed them both together, topping with Bella Lodi. This was incredibly quick, easy, and delicious.

Troegs Troegenator Doublebock

I'm never quite sure what to pair with tomato sauce heavy meals so tonight I opted to take the malty route and opened this Troegenator Doublebock from Troegs Brewing Company. This went surprisingly well with the pasta. I think malty dopplebock is the perfect accompaniment to tomato and even creamy tomato sauce. I think I finally solved the puzzle of what beer goes well with tomato sauce. I stupidly did this by trying a dozen different beers with tomato sauce. I could probably have achieved the same results by actually doing some research.

Now I just need to figure out something to go with soup!

Financier Marcarons

For dessert Jen picked up some more marcarons from Financier. We debated a while over the layout in the package. I felt that the color break left a little to be desired. The three beige-colored ones in the middle are different flavors. I felt they could have spaced them out with the more vibrantly colored ones. Jen felt that it was a spectrum but this is where her argument falls apart. What kind of spectrum begins with brown and green, has beige in the middle, and ends with purple and red?

No kind of spectrum that I've ever heard of. Nice try, Jen. Nice try.

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