Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skyward Sausage

I haven't done all that much cooking lately. However, I have had a lot of time being stuck in the house and whenever I have a day at home I like to make stock.

Turkey Leek Stock

We had a tremendous amount of leek tops in the freezer. We still do but we used to too. I used these along with some bones from a roast chicken to make a chicken and leek stock.


I know it seems a little farfetch'd but I felt there was enough leek in the stock that it warranted top billing in the naming of the stock.

Braised Fennel and Sausage Soup

We haven't been grocery shopping in over a week so it was a little tight what I could actually make for dinner. I did make this sausage and fennel soup with olive oil, crushed garlic, onion, carrot, celery, fennel, sausage, and a little of my farfetch'd stock.

D'Anjoy Pears with Fennel Fronds, Cracked Black Pepper, and Gorgonzola Mountain

Arugula and Baby Greens with Olive Oil, Salt, and Black Pepper

To accompany the soup I served a crusty baguette, a light salad of arugula and mixed greens with a little lemon and olive oil, Gorgonzola Mountain, and a D'anjou pear who was just two weeks away from beginning to collect social security.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Last night I started playing the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. To keep with the night's Nintendo theme I continued on my quest after dinner. Jen is always delighted to watch me play a new video game, something that admittedly hasn't happened for about four years. While she enjoys herself her main concern is that it might be boring for me to sit there and play while she watches.

I don't think Jen understands how video games work.


Lisa Marie said...

I like the pokemon joke. even if farfetch'd is one of my least favorite pokemon. Once I had to take one from someone to deliver a letter and then it ended up being the only pokemon i had that could learn fly so I kept it for half the game. INFURIATING

Unknown said...

Farfetch'd is one of the least favorite Pokemon for EVERYONE!