Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hand Pies For Tiny Hands

Jen was stranded in Denver last night. I'd been planning to make her some treats for her late night arrival but instead I stayed where I was stranded: on my back with a heating pad. She finally got in around 6:00 this evening so I needed to put something a little more substantial together for dinner.

Since I haven't left the house since Thursday it was slim pickin's. So it was that I turned to our freezer and fridge to see what I could squeeze out for an emergency meal. I'd hoped Jen would have been home today to run out and get a few things but sadly our food supply has diminished to new lows.

Creamy Chicken Hand Pie

Creamy Chicken Hand Pies

I made the most out of the roast chicken turned creamy chicken stew. I folded it up into some puff pastry dough to make little hand pies.

Creamy Chicken Hand Pie (Small)

I guess if they're little hand pies then they're more like finger pies. Much like the pies foretold in the Beatles classic Penny Lane.

Creamy Chicken Hand Pie (Large)

.I only made them this size because that was the size of the largest cutter we had. I balled up the remaining dough, rolled it out, and made one more proper-sized hand pie.

Veal Saltimboca

I also found one remaining veal saltimboca in the freezer which I thawed out and cooked up on a hot plate in the oven.

Pancetta Wrapped Shrimp

I also thawed out all the remaining pancetta and shrimp in the freezer, wrapping them up, and cooking them alongside the veal.

So I stayed in the house all day watching both championship football games where the teams are playing to see who is in the World Series or something. This is extremely unfair. I'm sure there are people out there who would kill to switch places with me, even taking on my illness, just to be able to have this opportunity that is so wasted on me. That's a real shame because I would be all over taking someone up on that tradeoff to be done with this and not able to see the football game.

I need to go to the doctor tomorrow so I have to leave the house at some point. My hope is that he will look at my back and say, "Aha! I see what the problem is!" Then he'll fiddle with a few knobs or gears or levers and I will be back to normal. Yeah, that would be pretty great. I'm pretty sure that has a good chance of happening.

That's how doctors work, right?

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