Monday, April 11, 2011

Lazy Sunday, Part 2: The Grilled Grouper Gambit

Sunday's dinner was exceptionally easy to put together. This was mostly because of the fact that I had put way too much charcoal on the grill on Saturday night. Because the grill was roaring at 600 degrees Jen reminded me that it would be wasteful not to take full advantage of it. So it was that I tossed on some extra vegetables and a nice piece of grouper in preparation for Sunday's dinner.

This turned out to be a boon. Mostly because our late afternoon start to making three varieties of Girl Scout Cookies had left me precious little time to actually make anything for dinner. I finished the grill-marked grouper in the oven. I cooked up some finely chopped onion with butter then tossed in some arborio rice, sherry, and some water before adding the remaining grilled vegetables from Saturday night's pasta. I finished the risotto with a little Parmigiano-Reggiano and served the grilled and roasted grouper on top with a quick mix of butter and basil pesto melted over the top.

For a drink I poured this Old Speckled Hen from Morland Brewing. This reminded me of a nicer version of the crappy English ales I used to drink in my early 20s. Perhaps that is why it says "Fine English Ale" right there on the ale instead of all those beers I used to drink that said "Crappy English Ale" on them.

Take that as a keen observation from a beer lover: avoid beers that announce their crappiness right on the label. The life it saves just might be your own.

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