Friday, February 18, 2011

Latin Hobgoblins (of Little Minds)

Some nights I'm just lazy. Also some nights I have stuff that is already prepared and I am cheap. Cheap and lazy makes for some innovative meals. Let's take a look at what that yielded tonight, shall we?

To keep with the laziness theme I bought some salsa. However, I made guacamole. That's a perfect equalization of laziness versus industrialness (assuming that was a real word) as far as I'm concerned.

However, I did not make the tortilla chips nor did I make the sour cream. So much for all that industrialness. (Still not a real word).

For a salad I tore up some kale and dressed it with a little lime juice, tequila, olive oil, chili powder, smoked paprika, and cumin. Then I added in some sliced red onion and topped it off with goat cheese.

Jen was not a fan of this salad. Indeed it was a bit too acidic. I think the lime that I used (which, by rights, should have moved to Florida weeks ago to live in a retirement community with other fruits past their prime). So I'll blame the fruit. It's always easy to blame the fruit.

And the elderly.

The main course was a burrito that I did not make. A man (or woman) named Red (presumably) made it. It's from Red's All Natural. There's a quote on the wrapper from The Burrito Baron which states: "The only way to make a Red's Burrito better is to saute it in unicorn tears." I'm not entirely sure if the Burrito Baron intends this to be a compliment or a criticism. Maybe that's only because I have never tasted unicorn tears.

I'm not sure if unicorn tears were ever a theme ingredient on Iron Chef. I know that shark's fin and swallow's nest were and I assume that those two ingredients are likely more expensive (and flavorless).

For beer I enjoyed this dark English ale from Wychwood Berewery. It was a very tasty ale that tasted like hobgoblin tears and molasses. But mostly molasses.

Don't get me wrong, the battle axe wielding, quiver full of arrows having hobgoblin on the label of this beer was enough to pique my interest. However, the real reason I bought it was because of the Spider-Man villain.

If Marvel ever releases a line of beers based on second or third tier villains from their comic books their success would be debatable but they would have a very stable source of revenue from one sad man (me).

And there would be one angry woman (Jen).

I used a lot of parentheticals in this entry (don't you think?).

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