Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Can Play at This Game

Nate makes much of his wild and crazy bachelor nights at home, but I suspect he's been pulling the wool over everyone's eyes as to how mild said nights normally are. Tonight and tomorrow night, my spousal unit is away at a work team-building exercise, and I am living the bachelorette existence of my former years. Nate's evenings? Well, allow me to share a sample text from earlier today, while he is left on his own:

"Imagine me, [redacted name] and [second redacted name] shoveling rocks into buckets as [third redacted name] stands on a scale with no pants on. I'll explain later."

My evening? Well, I ate some ravioli, drank a beer, and relived college by watching "The Broken Hearts Club" on Netflix on demand. Wooooooooo! And now that I'm thoroughly nostalgia-fied, I'm going to do some ironing and maybe watch Doris Day movies. And wait for the explanation about the rocks/scale/no pants thing, of course.


Nico S. said...

Was Sam Fishman the one with no pants? I'm just sayin'...

Unknown said...

Good guess! But no. I will absolutely not say who it was. (Ask me this weekend). ;-)