Monday, June 14, 2010

Recovery Cous Cous

After last night's fantastic dinner I was feeling inspired. It would have been great to go out into the garden, pick fresh baby field vegetables, and season them lightly with compound salts, sticking them on little stakes in a wood block. However, I also had the desire to have something very light and a single course. Since I didn't eat for half a day after last night's dinner I was in the mood for a little break. Thankfully Jen reciprocated this feeling and we elected to have a more simplistic dinner this evening.

What I made was a dish I'd like to call "Recovery Cous Cous." This consisted of chicken breast that I seasoned with Maharajah Curry Powder and salt and seared. Along with this I toasted some garlic and lemon zest then added red onion, celery, and sweet potato. Then I threw in some halved grape tomatoes, cooked it down, added a little white wine, dried thyme, and finally threw in some cous cous and cooked it down with dried prunes and dates. At the end I added chopped pistachios and almonds along with some fresh cilantro.

The result was pretty good, and very light after the epic dinner of the previous night. It also helped to empty a lot of produce odds and ends out of the crisper.

I'm out of town for the next few days and this week is mostly a wash as far as having anything edible and/or inspirational around to make. So expect some updates next week (hopefully) if there is anything mildly interesting to be found at the local markets.

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