Thursday, May 13, 2010

Artichokes are at Steak

Tonight's dinner was a last minute sort of amalgamation. I had purchased these great big globe artichokes the other day for an incredible deal at only $2.50 each! That's $5.00 for both Jen and I to each have an artichoke the side of our head. Unfortunately the purchase was also the end of the road and they've been in the fridge since Monday night, unsure of what to do with them or when to use them.

I started by taking a series of pictures of myself with one of the artichokes to show scale. This was mostly me procrastinating from the unsavory task of actually preparing the artichokes, something I am not hugely happy to do.

I steamed them for about 25 minutes then threw them on the grill before tossing them in lemon, garlic, red onion, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

While they marinated I enjoyed this delicious new Italian beer which had been recommended to me. Menabrea Birra. (Warning: Do not check out their website if you are against Apple's anti-Flash stance and do not want to feel instantly wrong. Also, do not check out this website if you are intent on learning anything about their product.)

I also had this great sirloin steak in the freezer that I defrosted and grilled up along with the artichokes.

To accompany it I wanted to make creamy polenta with Reggiano Parmiggiano. So I went to the local store and found that they didn't have any cornmeal. I wasn't sure what to do so I came home to see what other grains I had and found a giant bag of cornmeal. Now I'm thankful I didn't find any at the store as I am not in a race against time to use up all the cornmeal making corn muffins and cornbread all day.

With no NHL playoff games on tonight we were forced to watch some backed up shows off of the TiVo. It's too bad because watching the Bruins blow their series against the Flyers would have been the perfect accompaniment.

I guess it will have to wait tomorrow. Go, Bruins!


Nico S. said...

I am so happy that we didn't have your cornmeal! Thanks for stoppin' in! Hope to see you guys soon!

Unknown said...

Oh, I'll be back. I rarely need cornmeal, I often need your awesome selection of British snack foods and ingredients.

Diane said...

and ghood prediction re Broons. A gag for the ages.