Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marching On

Wow. A lot has happened recently. Here's what you might have missed . . .

Paul and Caolan stopped by to visit us (mostly Jen). They brought some flowers from a place that told them that they wouldn't even believe how beautiful they were going to be. Then they demanded a minimum $1.00 tip.

We had corned beef and cabbage at 11:00PM on St. Patrick's Day after a long day of work. It was not my finest batch but it was the best I could do with virtually no time to actually cook.

We made Ruebens the next night with the leftover corned beef ingredients.

Our basil has reached soaring heights in our AeroGarden while our chives (previously just one chive -- now three!) and thyme seem to be struggling a bit.

We had some Severino stuffed rigatoni with Monte Bene marinara sauce (made in Bedford, NY). I don't think I've had jarred tomato sauce in close to five years but I needed a quick dinner and this whole dinner cooked in about 10 minutes and cost about $10.00. That included the Pain de Campagna (also made locally). The 365 Chianti was $9.99.

The next night I used the remaining Monte Bene with some raviolis from Penne Lane (also local in Huntington, NY) and a simple salad.

Jen's spirits are on the rise every day! She is now thrilled to be disabled! Even while our main laptop is on the fritz and we need to use our old one which is missing several keys.

Last night I was determined to set aside more than 10 minutes to throw dinner together. I had a full 20 minutes so I threw something together that didn't just involve pasta! It did involve this delicious four cheese bread. I can't figure out how to say this without it sounding insulting but it kind of tasted like Goldfish crackers. Delicious, delicious Goldfish crackers!

I got a great deal on flank steak so I seared it, steamed some broccoli, baked some potatoes (from Elba, NY), and made a little salad with cherry tomatoes (from Plainville, CT).

Now we're going to slowly try to crawl back to our regular dinner/lifestyle. Jen's leg brace should be off within the next ten days and we may even get to have dinner at the table soon!

Man, that Soothsayer was right. The Ides of March were (or was?) rough.

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Sandy said...

Glad the blog is back!