Monday, June 23, 2008

I Am a Fool

So there will be no update tonight for one reason: I got home at 8:30 and realized that I had left my keys at work. Thus, I headed directly to Coogan's, ordered a beer, and waited for Nate to come home.

And when Nate did get home around 9:30, we just decided to eat at Coogan's. Cheeseburger, yum.

Sustainable, local, quasi-organic farm share blogging resumes tomorrow, with an all-new delivery of goods! And if I remember my keys, so much the better.


caolan said...

Did you have anything to read at Coogan's? Were you miserable and bored?

Lisa Marie said...

How could one be bored? There was beer! Annd evidently, I've turned into our father.

Jen said...

I did have a dogeared copy of "Leave it to Psmith" to read, but I did not remember that at the time. Instead, I fiddled around with my phone, texted a few people and drank my beer. And Nate kindly took a cab so that I wasn't hanging alone in mostly vacant Coogan's for too long!