Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween Wrap Up

Jen left town for a couple of days to visit family in Canada. I was left alone with the boys and, I feel guilty saying I got the best sleep I've gotten since Josie was born. The first morning they were gone I woke up at 6:00 AM feeling better than I've felt since I was a teenager.

Construction Workers

While I missed Josie and her sweet smiles, it was incredible how easy it was only taking care of the two boys. I got them some construction worker costumes to wear while they play construction. Construction usually just consists of them dragging all the spare lumber out of the garage and piling it up in the driveway. They told the neighborhood girls that they were building a house for children that didn't have one. That sounds nice until you see the quality of house they build. Shoddy craftsmanship.

Painting Shields

When Jen got back she worked at painting their shields for their Halloween costume.

Josie's 6 Month Birthday Cupcakes

Josephine turned six months old so we had some cupcakes to celebrate. The boys were delighted, Josephine was as annoyed as she is every time we eat something in front of her that she would like to partake in. This girl is ready for some cupcakes.

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat was a bit of a bust this year. It ended very early, about five minutes after I arrived. I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of my trunk but I did take this picture of Martin and Elliott in Auntie Lauren's trunk before getting in my car and driving home.

Nana Feeding Josephine

Josephine has now had butternut squash, sweet potato, applesauce, avocado, banana, and rice cereal. Applesauce and banana are probably the two favorites thus far.

"Playing" Outside

We have wrapped up October and begun November with some incredible weather. Even on some of the cooler days we've played outside. Grandpa worked for hours on the frustrating task of getting the boys dressed to play in the yard. In the end they just wanted him to read them a book outside.

Martin Passed Out on Couch

Later Martin fell asleep on Nana while she was reading to him. This is completely out of character. Then he slept on the couch and no amount of shaking or movement could wake him.

There is no precedent for this. This kid never wants to sleep.

Evelyn Helping Scoop the Pumpkin

I tried to get the boys involved in carving the pumpkin but they had exactly zero interest in doing this. In the end Evelyn ended up helping me scoop and was the only child with any sort of interest at all in making a jack-o'-lantern. This undoubtedly foreshadows future Halloweens when the boys are just a little too old and I'm still trying to push holiday traditions on them.

At least I got a taste of the rejection early so I know how it will feel.

Family Halloween Pic

We went to Grandma and Grandad's to trick or treat for a bit before heading back to our neighborhood.

Spooky Halloween Spider

There was a house on our street with a giant animatronic spider that would jump out at trick or treaters as they approached. The boys were startled by this. For Evelyn it was the end of her Halloween and we had to meet her back at home after finishing up the block with just the boys.

Then Elliott gave a dramatic retelling of what happened to my father. In the retelling he downplayed his own fright at the spider.

Cousins Trick or Treating

Halloween Candy Haul

The weather was lousy, cold, and rainy but it was far better than last year where it took everything we had to make it through three houses.

Daddy's Birthday Cake

The following night we had a nice birthday celebration for me complete with cake and pumpkin pie.

Sick Boy Recovery Couch

Immediately following this everyone started getting sick. First Elliott, then Josephine, then me and Jen. Martin was the last hold out but he too gave in to coughs, fever, and general lethargy.

Upcoming we have our first visit in Illinois from Caolan, Paul, and Jane and everyone is looking forward to it. The doctor says the boys aren't contagious any longer as we all just recover to get over the lingering cough.

Now we're just hoping we don't spread the joy of this virus to the rest of the world.

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