Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Almost There

Two weeks ago begun with the guys getting their first haircut.

First Hair Cut

First Hair Cut

Martin was the real catalyst for the trip as his hair was now routinely in his eyes and annoying him on a regular basis.

First Hair Cut

First Hair Cut

Elliott mostly just tagged along for the experience. The before and after shots for him are not nearly as stark.

Elliott Playing with Blocks

What Elliott lacks in rapid hair growth he makes up for in developing his block-buildilng skills. He has taken a huge interest in building things and, of course, knocking them down.

Martin in Snow Suit

Elliott in Snow Suit

Temperatures have been in the low teens so we brought out the big guns with these comical snow suits which are surprisingly easy to get on even if it makes them a little grumpy to be in them.

After temperatures warmed a bit the boys suddenly came down with a five day stretch of a horrible stomach bug leading right up to Thanksgiving. This was their first stomach illness. It was pretty mild, all things considered, but still lead to a lot of sleepless nights and messy dinners.

This was immediately followed by one of their worst rounds of teething to date.

Martin Eating Yogurt

After they were on the mend we started feeding them a lot of simple foods including yogurt but this made Martin pretty angry as we were feeding him a bit less than he really wanted to eat.

Elliott Playing with Wrapping Paper

When they were completely better they found the true joy in fighting over things. The first thing that they became obsessed with fighting over was this roll of wrapping paper. Nothing has come so close to tearing this family apart than this roll of wrapping paper.

Ready for PJ Day at Day Care

Wednesday was the last day of day care and it was also pajama day and it gave us a nice excuse to give them a trial run for this year's Christmas pajamas.

Thanksgiving Facetime Chat with Auntie Vi

We had Thanksgiving at Lauren and Doug's and got a nice change to FaceTime with Auntie Vi who was at my parents' house.

Black Friday Lunch at Portillo's

For the first time in my life we actually went out on Black Friday. This wasn't to get deals at 5am but rather, at 12pm, to take advantage of our one moment together to go pick out some furniture needed for the new place. We also got a chance to have an extremely unhealthy lunch at Portillo's.

Watching Grandad Put Up Christmas Lights

Later that night the guys had the time of their life watching Grandad put up Christmas lights. For some reason there is nothing they like more than watching Grandad do manual labor from the comfort and warmth of the house.

And there is nothing that their Grandad likes less.

Martin Finally Asleep

Jen is back in New York for work and Martin and Elliott are still enjoying a healthy round of sleep regression. This meant Martin woke up at 10:00 PM, cried for an hour, and wouldn't get back to sleep until 1:00 AM after eating an entire box of Bunny Grahams and watching five episodes of 30 Rock. It's nice that I've been able to catch up on a TV show for once but truth me told, I'd rather get some sleep.

With a little luck we'll be closing on our house on Monday and moving in shortly thereafter. It's been a long road to get there but the time to relinquish this house back to Jen's parents and finally have a place of our own is nearly upon us.

What could possibly go wrong?


Unknown said...

The kids are adorable!!! Glad you are having fun. Take care in the midwest cold this year!

Unknown said...

Aw thanks, Jo! Let me know if you're ever passing through the Chicagoland area!