Friday, July 12, 2013

Picky Eaters

Jen and I have spent a significant amount of time patting ourselves on the back over how openly the Wombats have accepted all new foods. Over the past six months or so whatever we put in front of them, they ate.

Then they decided to get different ideas. When we were in Rhode Island last week they must have held some sort of meeting where they decided that they would no longer eat just anything. In fact, for fun, they decided to dislike different things than their brother so that we now have to prepare separate meals for each of them.

Pretty Things Once Upon a Time East India Pale Ale

This lead me to breaking open a lovely recreation of a beer from the 1800s in this East India Pale Ale from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. It was a tasty beer but when I opened it I was really more interested in having the alcohol dull the pain of culinary horror that the Bubses had put on me.

Wednesday night began with me retrieving the babies after a long day of many, many chores. They were apparently delighted in themselves and their love for torturing me with their particular food likes and dislikes.

Once in their high chairs they continued to delight each other. Martin seemed to hold court (a very small court containing only his brother, Elliott) by cracking his brother up with his hilarious gags like letting his brother touch him.

Things only got more hilarious when props were introduced into the mix. Check out the comedy stylings of young Martin as he pretends to allow Elliott to grab his spoon then changes his mind.


Grandpa's Caesar Salad

Strangely bed time was a snap. I rocked both of them almost instantly to sleep after their bottles and was able to make a proper dinner starting with this Caesar salad with farm share Romaine and Jen's grandpa's Caesar dressing recipe.

Evil Twin Brewing Falco

I was even able to enjoy a beer with a bad ass falcon on the label, this Falco from Evil Twin Brewing.

Summer Ratatouille on Quinoa

For the main course I made a summer ratatouille like my mother used to make using garlic, onion, zucchini, tomato, and fresh basil. I chopped some up for the guys. Elliott reluctantly ate a few bites. Martin did his new trick where he takes a few bites then just lets it all fall out of his mouth.

They hate ratatouille.

Stone Ruin Ten IPA

After another late night we had dinner around 9:00 PM again last night and actually ordered out getting some chicken parmesan and chicken franchese.

To accompany our meal we shared this Ruin Ten from Stone Brewing Company. This is a hard-to-find beer that I stumbled upon in a local supermarket while picking up garlic. My annoyance at running out of garlic was very justly rewarded by the beer karma gods.

In their second year begins a new era. I'm assuming this will continue to develop until the Wombats are like many children who will not eat anything. Jen's worst fears of having children that only eat chicken nuggets and us having to carry a baggy of grapes with us wherever we go may be realized.

I'm still holding fast that they will not encounter a chicken nugget until they leave for college.

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