Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Teething and the Single Dad

Last night was a bit of a challenge but it quickly turned out to be okay except for the fact that I was paranoid and couldn't sleep. I did get a little bit of shut eye between 4:00 AM and 7:00 AM but the alarm ruined that and it was off to the races.

Good Morning Bubses (Round 1)

In stages I slowly got the guys ready for their day. They were both in very good spirits. Apparently despite Martin's cough and fussing he slept quite well. Elliott also had a wonderful night. I, on the other hand, sat up Googling reasons for Martin's temperature, cough, and fussing. All results pointed to that he was teething but each time he let out a wet cough I snapped to attention and went to check on him.

Good Morning Bubses (Round 2)

After I got them both ready Elliott decided there hadn't been enough baby bile in my life and spit up all over himself. This required a quick costume change for him. I will need to locate a new pillow for myself this evening.

9 Degree Wombats

Their smiles turned quickly serious once I got them outside to experience their first day of single digit temperatures. I don't think they were too crazy about it. I got the car warmed up for them but they were eerily silent on the trip home.

Italian Wedding Soup

After a more than two hour festival of horrors I managed to get them to sleep tonight. They are both teething and picked the moment of Jen's work trip to display their worst symptoms to date. With both of them screeching and unwilling to eat the avocado that I had freshly pureed for them I was forced to use some daddy instinct and strategically work both of them closer to bed. Elliott went the easiest (as he does most nights) but Martin put up an admirable one hour fight against slumber. The problem is that they're just little babies and I'm a grown ass man.

I am way smarter than them and I always will be.

Afterwards I just reheated some Italian wedding soup and slurped it contemplatively.

New England Brewing Co. 668 The Neighbor of the Beast

As a reward for my hard work I poured myself this 668 The Neighbor of the Beast from New England Brewing Co. It's always strange having a Belgian-style ale out of a can but getting over that mental block this was a very nice Belgian strong pale ale. New England Brewing Co. comes up with some incredible names for their beers. Their names are actually so good that I think they could get away with the quality of their beers being a bit lower. However, they strive to deliver great-tasting beers as well and this one is no exception.

So, after all that, I'm ready to pack it in and attempt to get a decent night's sleep. Here's to hoping the Wombats show some mercy to their poor old dad.

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