Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Days of Summer

The last month has seemed extremely hectic and exhausting. With all the running around, little sleep, and large amount of Ikea furniture being assembled, I am not naive enough to believe that this is anything compared to what it will be like when we soon have to care for two newborn babies.

With that being said tonight we tried to take advantage of yet another beautiful late spring evening by grilling dinner and enjoying a few beverages outside while the sun slowly sets over our idyllic baby-free home.

Grilled Slab Bacon

I started off by throwing some slab bacon on the grill figuring that there was no wrong that could come of that. I just wagered that everything else would just sort of come together after that move.

Stilton Stuffed Grass Fed Burger with Grilled Bacon, Portobello Mushroom, and Mustard Pickles

And I was right!

I also stuffed some ground beef with Stilton and tossed it on the grill along with some portobello mushroom caps. I threw it all on some toasted buns then served them up with some of Jen's mustard pickles and potato chips. Jen had hinted at wanting potato or pasta salad but after informing her that this would hold up dinner by a considerable amount of time she gave in to my simple proposal.

Green Flash Brewing Company Saison Diego

For beer I enjoyed this summer release, the Saison Diego, from Green Flash Brewing Company, one of my new favorite breweries. This was a light, beautiful, lemony beer which would have been perfect for temperatures ten or twenty degrees warmer than tonight but was still quite enjoyable even in the 70s. It reminded me a bit of the Summer Session from Peak Organic or the Oishi from Brooklyn Brewery.


With the grill still on I browned up some marshmallows to make the first s'mores of the season while we wound down the final hour of sunlight and watched as the loathsome birds hopped about on the branches over our head kicking down twigs and bark all over our heads.

I hate those damn birds.

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