Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorializing Ribs

(Note: I apologize for this title as it is the lamest blog entry title that may have ever appeared on this blog. Jen was getting very antsy for foot rubs and was getting annoyed at how long it was taking me to come up with a title. Finally she yelled, "Just call it 'Memorializing Ribs' and get on with it! I need foot rubs!" I am sorry.)

It's been a hectic couple of days. I know it's hard to believe but it's a lot of work preparing a two bedroom apartment for two additional human beings to move in, especially when those human beings will likely be staying for the better part of twenty years and are going to poop everywhere!

We spent this weekend driving to Rhode Island, receiving a ton of gifts, driving back to New York, and realizing we have nowhere to put all the gifts have. We spent much of last night cleaning and boxing up things to bring back to my parents' house to take advantage of their momentary eagerness to allow their basement to receive our clutter. After working all night, and much of this evening, we had made progress. Sadly, we only took half of the shower gifts back with us.

And there's one more baby shower to go.

Barbecued Pork Ribs with FunniBonz Barbecue Sauce

While we cleaned and sweated I threw these ribs in the oven last night to cook them. Tonight I tossed them onto the grill and drizzled them with some FunniBonz barbecue sauce (the spicy variety).

Cabbage Radish Slaw, Cornbread, and Pickles

Grilled Corn on the Cob

I served up some leftover coleslaw, pickles, cornbread, and grilled corn in what may be the easiest dinner I've made in ages.

Peak Organic Summer Session Ale

For beer I had been looking forward to trying this Summer Session Ale from Peak Organic Brewing Company for some time. It ended up being a really tasty beer reminiscent of the Oishi I had a Brooklyn Brewery a couple of months ago. On this ninety-degree day it was an extremely welcome guest at our dinner table. I made Jen and Arnold Palmer since she was not able to partake. Sure, it had a little caffeine but she's had a strong craving for one for the past twenty-four hours.

Yesterday, on our drive back from Rhode Island, she was craving a soda. I told her I'd pull in to a rest stop to get one for her but she declared that it must be a fountain soda. I was able to find a Target with one of those terrible little Pizza Hut outposts in it and get her one there. She hasn't had many pregnancy cravings at all so I feel like I have to indulge them when they come up.

Sponge Cakes with Whipped Cream and Blueberries

After sitting outside for a bit, recovering from our long day of work, I made up some whipped cream and served it with some sponge cake and blueberries. It was a wonderful wind down after all the work we did. Sure we're surrounded by boxes, garbage, and enough baby clothes and supplies to run our own orphanage for the better part of a decade. It was a grim reminder that time is running out and we really need to get a move on with getting this place ready.

Instead we watched Eureka on Netflix. It seemed like the right thing to do.

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