Friday, October 14, 2011

Heavy Spending and the Split Personality Beer Tasting

I spent a good deal of today making turkey stock with the leftover Canadian Thanksgiving turkey bones. It was a little too warm out to spend the day with the stove going full blast but making stock is one of my favorite things to do so I let it go. Besides I was feeling a little under the weather and after buying a new car, a new couch, and new kitchen shelves (yes, all in one day), it was therapeutic to smell the broth being made.

Turkey Stock

Repurposing food in a frugal and sensible way, almost balanced out the huge outlay of money.

Shrimp Udon, Spring Roll, and Chicken with Eggplant Garlic Sauce

If it wasn't for our completely senseless take out order! After getting home on a fairly miserable night it was decided that we'd order delivery. We were going to get take out but were shocked to discover that the restaurant by us now offered delivery as an option. What a novel idea! This doesn't generally happen in a city where everyone besides us can afford servants to go and get their take out for them. It must be the economy that made this option suddenly available. Pretty soon people around here will have to start selling their secondary beach houses!

Four in Hand IPA

The To go with this Four In Hand IPA from World Brews in Novato, CA. For $6.99 a six pack this was considerably better than I'd expected. As someone who is not crazy about IPA I was also very impressed. Both my IPA-hating personality and my spending-too-much-on-beer personality were surprised by this beer.

I guess today was full of surprises. Heavy spending and surprises.

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heavens, a beer that we can agree on.