Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grilled Cantaloupe, Varietal Hops, and a Disgusting Ice Cream

I don't even think it's really worth mentioning but tonight it was going to rain and I wanted to grill. Go figure.


Saint Angel

I discovered a new cheese today. Well, new to me. It is a triple creme cheese called Saint Angel. Jen's favorite cheese tend to be triple creme cheeses. I had it on good authority that this cheese may be her new favorite if she were to try it. So, before dinner, I put it on a plate and we had it with some baguette. It turns out it is now Jen's new favorite cheese.

Damn, I'm good.

Konrad Sauvignon Blanc

To go with the triple creme cheese we poured some of this sauvignon blanc from
Konrad in New Zealand. It was extremely fruit. I guess it went with well with the cheese.

I don't know. I don't really do food and wine pairing.

And that, my friends, is where dinner stopped being "safe."

Grilled Cantaloupe and Shellfish Salad

I had to do something with the leftover cantaloupe from last night so I figured I would try grilling it to see what happens. It turns out that it grills pretty well. It gets a nice burnt marshmallow flavor. However this was not enough for dinner. I had to serve the grilled cantaloupe with something.

So it was that I cleaned out the fridge and freezer by grilling up some sea scallops, shrimp, and a red bell pepper. I served them over a bed of kale with lemon, salt, pepper, olive oil and cayenne. On top I put some thinly sliced red onion.

This was an interesting salad. I think I'll just leave it at that.

Southampton Keller Pils

What does one pair with grilled cantaloupe and shellfish? Well, clearly it's this Keller Pils Southampton Publick House in Southampton, New York. It's an unfiltered variety hop pilsner!

Whatever that means.

Tomato Peach Basil Ice Cream

The other day I ran our leftover chilled tomato and peach soup through our ice cream maker. I wasn't particularly thrilled with this as a soup so I figured: why not give it a try as an ice cream?

Well, it didn't really work that way either.

I guess it's not that surprising. I think my next step with these leftovers will have to be in trying to turn them into some sort of hot dish. Cold just isn't working out for this recipe. This is where most people would give up and just toss the whole batch into the garbage can. That's just now how I do things. It's much more sporting to try and try again until you've either found something delicious to make with the leftover or until you've consumed it all up in waves of unsatisfying dishes.

That, my friends, is the stubborn dedication that makes me so . . . successful?

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