Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best Wurst

Today we slept late. Even with jetlag as an excuse I felt guilty that we didn't leave the house until about noon. After a quick breakfast we started our climb down the steep slopes of Richterwil's streets leading to the train station.

Last Train to Zurich

By some miracle we were able to get on the right train to Zurich though we were both convinced that we'd find ourselves somewhere slightly off course like Rome or Shanghai.

Beautiful Shrimp

After getting off the training and walking through the city in the rain for a bit we came across a Globus where we saw some beautiful foods on display. I was able to take this this one picture before I was spoken too very harshly by some German-speaking teenage girls who worked the counter. I'm really bummed I didn't get a chance to get any snaps of the sliders they had. You can't even escape sliders on the menu in Switzerland!

Lunch for 27.00 Swiss Francs

We also grabbed a sandwich and a half at the Globus with a water and a Fanta. You can click on the link to blow up the receipt on the photo but I'll just tell you it came to 27.00 Swiss Francs. That's $32.34 USD as of today. This is what I get for lecturing my friends about how Americans don't spend enough money on food. Apparently we do when we go to Switzerland.

"Kathy" Sleeping on Plane
Kathy Says: "You guys are such tourists! I know all the best spots in Zurich for affordable eating. I can't believe you ate somewhere as mainstream as Globus! I know a wonderful cafe off the beaten path that--"

Shut up, Kathy!

Jen and Nate at the China Garden

After lunch we stopped by a China Garden and inexpertly took this picture of our big stupid heads blocking everything in the garden that was worth looking at.

Nate Peeks

Then I popped my head out from behind a circular doorway.

Bridge Jumping Zurich Teens

On our way back to the train we came across some Swiss youth who were jumping off a bridge. Don't worry, they didn't die. Though I'm pretty sure they were drinking so it's only by their own luck that they happened to live through the day. This shows how good a citizen I am. I see kids jumping off a bridge and I seize the opportunity to take a bunch of pictures.


We returned to the train station, rain-soaked and weary, dreading the steep walk back up to Gregg and Ross's. Just then Gregg pulled up, honked his horn, and carted us home just before a massive downpour started. He also fixed us drinks. I had this Feldschlösschen, another Swiss lager. Generally I'm not a big fan of lager but I've rather been enjoying it these past two nights. It's been nothing short of delightful, actually.



We started off with this salad with bell peppers and some lightly salted cooked beets. I'm a fan of any type of beet so this was a great start for me.

Veal Wurst

We also had some traditional Swiss veal wurst which Gregg grilled for us. For the third time in two days I was able to enjoy this with some more of the tarragon mustard. I think I've come full circle on tarragon in the last couple of weeks.


For dessert we picked up some macaroons from Confiserie Sprüngli. After asking the woman behind the counter if she spoke English she said, "A little." Then we had a ten minute in depth conversation with her about pastries. Methinks she is too modest.

We selected hazelnut, champagne, champagne deluxe, chocolate, bourbon vanilla, raspberry, apricot, and peach. They were the best macaroons that have ever happened.


To accompany the macaroons Ross and Gregg served up some Limoncello which was quite nice after a fantastic meal.
"Kathy" Sleeping on Plane
Kathy Says: "I don't like limoncello! It's too sweet! I prefer having just plain tea with dessert. The dessert is sweet enough."

You can go to hell, Kathy.

Dinner Reflection

After dinner we chatted for a while before bed, our images reglected off the glossy red stripe along one wall of the apartment. Not even Kathy would be able to spoil a moment as wonderful as this.

Lord knows she'd try.

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