Monday, May 30, 2011

Teach a Man to Grill, Feed Him for a Week

After a great weekend of cooking out, friends' weddings, and attempting unsuccessfully to watch the film Summer School we returned home today around 6:00 PM with a strong desire to sit on the couch and do nothing. However, a more adult look at our week indicated that we were going to need to go grocery shopping and prepare for a week where neither of us were going to have any time to cook dinner. Thus came a brilliant idea:

We would grill enough food to last the week.

A Week's Worth of Grilling

We marinated beef sirloin tips, seasoned a mess of vegetables, and fired up the grill to partially cook our hastily assembled menu.

Maple Plank Grilled Salmon with Mustard, Dill, Kale Salad and Quinoa

While I was grilling everything Jen put together a kale salad with lemon, chives, olive oil, salt, and pepper. She also made quinoa with almonds, blueberries, green onion, orange juice, almonds, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

For tonight I covered a salmon fillet in whole grain mustard, fresh dill, salt, pepper, and olive oil, then grilled it on top of a plank of maple wood. It's the first time I've made plank-grilled anything in at least ten years and after eating it I'm reminded that I should bring this into the rotation more often.

De Dolle Oerbier

For beer I continued my Belgian crusade with this Oerbier by De Dolle Brouwers. This beer is a whole lot of Belgianness. It's extremely rich and tasty but I would avoid pairing it with fish in the future. I think it would be best enjoyed after dinner with no food at all.

Visiting their website they tell a story about how this man was discovered on a cave painting from 30,000 B.C. I'm pretty sure something was improperly translated because I refuse to believe that this silly man was on a cave painting from 32,000 year ago. Nothing this silly could have been dreamed up by pre-historic artist.

Even in Belgium.

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