Sunday, December 12, 2010

Beer Brats, Bear Brats, and Bear Beer

Today was far too rainy to go to the farmer's market. This worked out well because we still had items in the fridge from last week's trip. I discovered this late in the game when opening the crisper revealed some produce that needed to be used without delay.

I made this salad by cutting beet greens into ribbons and topping with slices of warm, cooked beets, dill pickle, and radish. Then I drizzled sherry vinegar and olive oil over it with salt and pepper. This was unorthodox but quite tasty.

I thawed some bratwurst that we had in the freezer and cooked it with rendered bacon, crushed garlic, onion, and cabbage with a little olive oil and a pat of butter. After stewing this all down together I added a bottle of Weyerbacher Winter Ale and finished it off. This was probably far too good a beer to use in this recipe but it seemed seasonally appropriate.

I picked this beer very carefully. I love Long Trail and all that they produce but my main reason for picking this was because I haven't seen my father-in-law comment recently. Fruit-flavored beers really get his goat so I knew this would be sure to rile him up. One problem with this is that while he hates fruit-flavored beers he loves bears so I thought this may put him in a bit of a moral quandry and he will have to think very carefully about how he responds. I'm pretty sure that the fruit-flavored nature of this beer will not be made all right by the bear theme. However, it will be interesting to see how he handles this delicate situation.

The ball is in your court, Gary.

For dessert I sliced up some nice ripe persimmon. There is nothing better than a nice ripe persimmon. Except for a bunch of candy bars which we also had.

There is no culinary romance in having a bunch of Butterfingers though.

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uberlours said...

"You are not a real gorilla, your'e just a librarian in a skin." Monty Python skit.

Same analogy for the fake bear on the label of that horrendous beer.