Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Pan Pumpkin

Last night we watched the movie Big Night. So you would think that after seeing that I would have spent this evening making risotto, timpani, bolognese, and listening to Louis Prima and smoking vast amounts of cigarettes. At least you would think that if you had seen the movie. If you have not seen the movie then it is unlikely that any of that would have occurred to you.

Instead, I devoted this chilly October evening to yet some more fall cooking.

To start I made a kale salad with sliced apple and pistachios. For the dressing I tossed it in a little cider vinegar, olive oil, and celery salt.

For the main course I browned some garlic cloves and shallots then tossed in some wedges of sugar pumpkin and roasted them in the oven for about thirty minutes. Then I seared some bone-in chicken breast and tossed in some fresh sage leaves and finished it all together.

With the fall comes the employment of my favorite cooking technique. Well, it's not really a technique, more of a philosophy. A lazy philosophy. And that is using only one pan. I love nothing more than cooking dinner using only one pan. It's like sport to me. The best part of this sport is that the winner is always me. Particularly when it comes time to do the dishes.

Now with culinary inspiration from Jamaica and Big Night swimming around in my head I am looking forward to doing a few theme nights soon. Our Canadian Thanksgiving festivities are postponed this year as we were in Jamaica on the actual holiday so it may have to wait until after the late celebration.

For now, please enjoy some hastily thrown together dinners that loosely celebrate the season of fall!

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