Monday, September 13, 2010

Cool Air BBQ

With cold temperatures and passing thunderstorms my original intent to slow-grill tonight was thwarted. However, the ingredients were in and if that meant a roast was necessary for tonight's BBQ then so be it.

I started off by making some collard greens with bacon, salt pork, onion, lemon juice, and Worchestershire sauce.

Then I "made" some beans and franks by putting the two ingredients together. Not sure I can entirely take credit for that. I haven't really had beans and franks since I saw There's Something About Mary. I feel now that after thirteen years enough time has passed so that I can enjoy them again. And they were quite delicious.

I rubbed this sirloin tip steak with a dry rub and roasted it in the oven for a bit, serving it up with some FunniBonz BBQ sauce. Then I combined everything together with a baked potato and some cornbread.

Oktoberfest is a few days away but as I've stated there is an enormous wealth of fall-themed beers on the market and I need to get a move on to sample them all. For that reason I enjoyed tonight's makeshift barbecue with some Oktoberfest beer from Thomas Hooker Brewing Company.

For dessert Jen made a whiskey caramel sauce with sea salt and served it with fresh Bartlett pears from Boyer's Orchard.

This went fantastically with the season finale of Psych. This also coincides with our first full day of having no cable. We just happened to have this as the last show that was recorded on our TiVo. So we were able to get rid of two crappy things: TiVo and our cable that we never watch. The only thing that could have made this sweeter was this delicious pear caramel sauce.

Here's to savings and sticking it to TiVo and the cable company and reaping the benefits of Netflix Watch Instantly!

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Unknown said...

It might be worth mentioning that it never really rained.