Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fishing For Compliments

Listen up, fish heads! Part three of our post-Christmas pre-New Year's de-larding began tonight. The tallow that courses through our veins may have been thinned out to a mere European-style butter.

I had the chance to pick up an amazing piece of Chilean sea bass at my semi-local fishmonger which I stuck in the freezer the other day. In an effort to have a lower-fat meal and not overload on groceries before our upcoming trip I decided to thaw out this profound piece of pescetarian provender.

I made a quick marinade with some garlic, chili, sugar, satsuma juice, and rice vinegar. After marinating I roasted the bass in the oven and made a quick salad. For the salad I used baby greens, chick peas, lemon, olive oil, garlic, thyme, chili, cumin, salt, and pepper.

Maybe it's because she's married to me. Maybe she wishes me to buy her some sort of diamond-related gifts. At any rate Jen said that this was the tastiest piece of fish she's ever eaten. I wasn't looking for praise, it just fell in my lap.

I must say, it was a pretty tasty piece of fish. I guess that's the difference between a marvelous fish like Chilean sea bass as opposed to some aquatic travesty like tilapia.

It's as if the relative price of a fish moves up and down in direct relationship to its quality and enjoyment!



Jen said...

Nothing against diamond-related gifts, but that WAS possibly the best fish I have ever eaten.

Paul Hughes said...

I think it is YOU, Nate, who is a profound piece of pescetarian provender.

Unknown said...

The profound piece of pescetarian provender is in me. It's in MEEEE!